The National Forest is an area based in the heart of England, it is a regeneration success story, a green-print for a better way of life. The design guide for sustainable tourism accommodation is targeted at landowners, operators, investors and developers. It sets out a rationale for encouraging new and retrofitted tourist accommodation development that helps create a distinctive National Forest character and sense of place, and makes a case for investing in the National Forest as a sustainable tourism destination by showing how tourist accommodation can contribute to a zero carbon future. Outputs included both a printed piece and digital on screen view. My role was lead designer, working with Howard Swift and his team at Common Ground Communication.
"I’ve worked with Becky for over four years, creating and developing national experience, destination and organisation brands. She brings a rare combination of planning, vision and attention to detail to every project; combining confident art direction with bold, engaging design across all channels. Just as importantly, she’s a positive delight to work with!"
– Howard Swift, Common Ground Communication

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