Creating meaningful, beautiful brands​​​​​​​
We are all unique – whether it's an established business who is after a refresh, a blossoming organisation who wants to discover their visual identity or an individual who needs help finding their personal style. 
I can help to unlock your potential, providing a tailored service for your needs – from the initial proposal, developing creative and finally rolling-out and establishing your brand through both digital platforms and printed outputs. Every brand I create is bespoke. 
Creating branded campaigns and materials
Making your voice heard in today’s world isn’t easy. Finding creative, imaginative solutions with integrity at their core helps to cut through the crowd of information. 
I can provide a creative outlook to the messages and outputs you need deliver, whilst keeping true to your brand and its values. 
Creating perfectly formed printed communications
Print is special. Holding a physical piece in your hands means something more than viewing it on screen. It’s been at the heart of what I do ever since attending London College of Printing over a decade ago.
I can provide a streamlined service, from initial layouts, creative routes, to print ready artwork and even source and manage the print – so you don’t have to lift a finger (or phone!). 
Creating designs for events, exhibitions and alike
Using design is an engaging way to tell stories of places, objects or the past events. Enhancing written information through colour, infographics, photography, helps to attract and sustain visitors attention. 
I can help to enhance and refine your content, whether it be creating a style for an exhibition or producing large format panels/signage for one-off or recurring event at your venue. I can also help to source and manage the print, so you don’t have to lift a finger (or phone!). 
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